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Townsend Lakes - Cambridgeshire

new cast
Fishery Type: Carp Mixed
Address: Kingfisher Lodge
72a Townsend Road
Pe14 9hj
Phone #: 01945 774 008

A variety of small and medium sized carp lakes including:

Kingfisher Lake
This is the largest of the 2 lakes which has 33 pegs and is well established, offering plenty of features including an island to the left of the lake and a sunken island to the right , with plenty of Reed cover all round the lake. Kingfisher lake lake holds a wide range of species including : common & mirror carp to 26lb+ Ghost carp, grass carp, tench, chubb, barbel, perch, bream, skimmers, roach, Rudd, golden Rudd, crucian carp and even eels.

Woodpecker Pool
This pool has 20 pegs and is very even all round once again this pool offers a wide selection of species including common carp, ghost carp, mirror carp,barble,tench and golden tench, skimmers, roach, rudd, blue and golden orfe, golden rudd, bream, crucian carp, koi carp, grass carp, ide and even he odd goldfish a lovely selection of some of the prettier species. The carp only go to low doubles in this pool and there isnt a large quanity. This pool is great for catching plenty of fish with the added bonus of a bigger carp to be hooked.

Cuckoo Canal
There are 39 pegs which have concrete bases in them for stability and pegs 1 & 2 has a ramp going down into them for the disabled anglers.

This is also a mixed species water stocked with - Mirror Carp,Common Carp, Gold Carp, Grass Carp, Tench, Barble,Golden tench,Ide, Golden Rudd, Golden Orfe & Crucian carp.

On site tackle shop.

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