Drayton Reservoir

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Drayton Reservoir - Northamptonshire
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Fishery Type: Carp Commercial
Address: Daventry
Phone #: 01132 816 895


A truly remarkable fishery in the British Waterways armoury, Drayton Reservoir is arguably the finest Carp match fishery in the UK, and that is not a title earned easily. The current record for a 6 hour match stands at well over 400 lb. The reservoir itself is a little strange when compared to similar waters, in that it is situated right next to a main road, with a housing estate on the opposite bank (within casting distance). It is also home to the Drayton sailing club, so with that in mind it is of the up-most importance that anglers do not leave their rods unattended even with bait runners engaged as there have been hundreds of reports of rods being knocked or pulled in by boats, let alone the carp. The other noticeable thing about the reservoir is the wooden platforms from which anglers fish , similar to those at Clattercote Reservoir.

Recommended tactics for Drayton:

  • The pole at around 10-12 metres
  • The baggin waggler (during the summer months)
  • The Method

Recommended baits for Drayton:

  • Caster or Maggot
  • Sweetcorn
  • Luncheon Meat
  • Boilies (pink, white or yellow)
  • Pellet
  • Paste

Lots of pegs available, try to find a free peg with the wind in your back for the best results, although every peg can produce. The walk to the peg can be very long indeed if you decide to fish the far side, which is unnecessary unless the weather conditions make it a better choice.

Non-Secure on site parking is available along the dam wall, all anglers are asked to park facing the road, not parallel to it.

Day ticket prices are reasonable considering the quality of the fishing, although prices for fishing a 24 hour session using 2 rods are comparable to specimen carp waters. Concessions are available for juniors and o.a.p.s at the usual discount rates.

Drayton Reservoir Facilities:

  • Open from dawn to dusk: Night fishing by appointment.
  • Take away food can be delivered
  • Toilet block
  • Security patrolled at night
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