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UK Carp Fisheries A to Z
A Abbots Lake
Acorn Fishery
Anglers Paradise
B Baden Hall Fishery
Bain Valley Fishery
Beaver Farm Fishery
Birch House Lakes
Blackland Lakes
Bluebell Lakes
Boddington Reservoir
Boyden Gate Fishery
Brickhill Farm Fishery
Bullock Farm Fishery
Burton Springs Fishery
Bury Hill Fisheries
C Catch 22 Lakes
Chestnut Carp Pool
Clattercote Reservoir
Clawford Fisheries
Clewes Carp Pool
Cobbleacre Park Lakes
Conningbrook Carp Lake
Coole Acres Fishery
Cottington lakes
Creedy Lakes
Cromwell Carp Lake
D Docklow Pools
Drayton Reservoir
E Elphicks Fisheries
Evesbatch Old Lake
F Fanthill Fishery
Four Ponds Fishery
Four Seasons Fishery
Foxholes Fisheries
Frant Lakes
Furnace Lakes
Furnace Mill Fishery
Furzebray Carp Lake
G Garras Lakes
Goodiford Mill Fishery
Great Linford Lakes
Greenwood Fishery
H Heyford Fisheries
Hillview Lakes
Hollybush Lakes
K Kingsnordley Fisheries
Kingston Pools Fishery
L Lakemoore Fishery
Lakeside View Fisheries
Lakeview Fishery
Llyn Gweryd Fishery
Llyn Y Gors Fishery
Longreed Lakes
M Manor Fisheries
Menards Carp Fishery
Merrington Carp Fishery
Milemead Fisheries
Monk Lakes
N Naseby Reservoir
Newnham grange lakes
Nine Oaks Fishery
O Owston Ferry Fisheries
P Panshill Wood Fishery
Peatling Pools Fishery
Picks Cottage Fishery Ltd
R Redwell Fisheries
Richworth Linear Fisheries
Rodney Meadow
S Sandwich Coarse Fishery
Stockton Reservoir
T The Monument
Thenford Carp Lake
Tidal Trent Ponds
Tingrith Fishery
Townsend Lakes
W Watermark Fisheries
Whitevane Pond
Wildmoor Waters
Willesly Lake
Woodlands Fishery

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