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Bluebell Lakes - Peterborough
new cast
Fishery Type: Carp, Mixed
Address: Peterborough
Phone #: 01832 226042
Website: Visit Site


Originally a mixed fishery, Bluebell is now the regular haunt of specimen anglers in search of a personal best. With that said, Bluebell does have something for everyone from small carp and tench lakes to the bigger specimen carp, catfish and pike waters. There are junior pools and even a winding, idyllic piece of the river nene available to anglers. The most well known lake on the complex has to be Kingfisher lake the home of some truly monstrous carp.

Bluebell Lakes Bluebell Lakes Bluebell Lakes

Bluebell Lake: contains specimen carp and catfish, Bluebell Lake used to be described in Bluebell brochures as a mixed coarse fishery, the water is now the target of specimen anglers in search of a personal best carp or tench. With Carp to over 30lb, Tench and bream over 14lb, Chub over 7lb and the capability to produce a 38lb Pike its easy to see why.

Kingfisher Lake: contains specimen carp, tench, bream and pike. The beauty of Kingfisher lake is its unpredictability, it can provide relatively few fish, then suddenly an unknown fish or a fish not previously banked for 2 years is caught . This water is known for being a hard slog but the rewards can be exceptional. Those anglers targeting Kingfisher Lake should have the necessary tackle and experience needed to land fish of 60lb plus.

Swan Lake: contains specimen carp and tench and is by far the largest lake on the complex at about 15 acres. A very open, unshielded water with next to no snags so you know you can let the fish run with confidence. The key to success on this water has to be fish location. It can really put an anglers watercraft to the test, so spend some time looking at conditions before you start setting up. Multiple catches are quite possible using high quality bait, properly presented.

Sandmartin Lake: contains specimen carp and pike and is predominately a predator water which regularly holds Pike matches during the winter. This water has recently come under increasing pressure from carp anglers seeking a sense of solitude as it is very under-fished. Carp anglers fishing Sandmartin Lake have recorded commons and mirrors to over 35lb.

Woodpool Lake: contains small carp and silver fish. Woodpool is small water of about half an acre, perfect if you want your float to dip again and again, stocked with smaller carp, orfe, roach, goldfish and crucians.

Mallard Lake: contains small and medium sized carp. Mallard is a new addition to the fishing lakes at Bluebell, it was originally a large stock pond. It has now been stocked with over 1000 double figure Carp and is set to be Bluebells new ‘runs’ water.

River Nene: contains mid sized carp. A small, idyllic stretch of the River Nene is also available to anglers on the bluebell complex, a surprisingly good head of carp up to 30lb! as well as tench, chub to 7lb, and stacks of silvers.

There are lenty of pegs available at bluebell, with a total of 7 waters on the complex. Getting a good peg on Kingfisher or Bluebell lake does get harder during busy fishing periods, but with that said, all of the pegs are capable of producing quality fish.

Easy Parking
With the ability to park next to your peg on most lakes, there is not normally much walking to be done. Only in bad weather does the need to park in the car park become a necessity.

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Mirror Carp
13 lbs 11 oz
Caught from Bluebell lakes using boilies

added by:

Common Carp
15 lbs 10 oz
Caught from Bluebell Lakes using 18mm Dynamite Baits - Peach and Melba

added by:
Bazil Brush

Mirror Carp
16 lbs 14 oz
Caught from Bluebell Lakes using Boilie and Sweetcorn

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Common Carp
32 lbs 8 oz
Caught from Bluebell Lakes using mainline

added by:
sam alcock

Common Carp
17 lbs 0 oz
Caught from Bluebell Lakes using cell boilie with pellet boilie pva bag

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Common Carp
28 lbs 2 oz
Caught from Bluebell Lakes using mainline

added by:
sam alcock

Mirror Carp
18 lbs 6 oz
Caught from Bluebell Lakes using Halibut Pellet

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