Fishing The Maggot Klip

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The Maggot Klip

A great change bait on pressured waters

What Is The Maggot Klip?
The maggot klip is basically a small round clip with a sharp point. Each clip can be opened to allow several maggots to be threaded onto the clip which is then closed to hold the bait firmly in place.

How Do I Set It Up

One of the great things about this tactic is that it can be used with the vast majority of rigs, such as the method, general carp or PVA rigs or it can even be float fished.

For this example we have used the maggot klip in conjunction with the in-line carp rig :

  • Korda Maggot Klips (Medium Size)
  • 10lb hooklink, complete with hook and hair rig (very short hair)
  • Maggots

Step 1.
The first thing to note when tying the rig from scratch is the length of the hair on your hair rig. When fishing using the maggot klip you should make the hair as short as possible, so that the small loop is right at the base of the hook rather than hanging down below the hook. We recommend the use of the 'knotless knot' when tying your hair rig as this makes it easy to shorten the hair. Once your hair rig is tied you can open the klip and attach it to the hair.

Okay, so now you bait up your hook by threading the maggots onto the klip

Top Tip
The best way to put the maggots on the klip is pointed end first (unlike the picture)

Now your ready to cast your bait out.

Top Tip
If you are using pva bags or mesh you will probably find it a good idea to dip your baited klip into a bag of dry groundbait first, this will help to stop the pva from splitting in mid-air.

Good Luck!! F4C


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