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New Shimano Rods

Posted by Bazil Brush  on 25 April 2010
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Cast by: Bazil Brush
Category: Tackle
Subject: New Shimano Rods
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“Has anyone used the new Shimano Exage carp rods?

I am thinking of replacing my Catanas, and wondered if the new exage rods would be any good.

Personally, I love the Catanas because of the thin rod blank (am talking about the newer Catanas, not the older thicker ones), but they will need to be replaced soon.

Do the new Exage rods have a thin blank ?

Any feedback would be appreciated thumbs up

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member since
22 February 2010

location: Surrey

total posts: 63
On 01 May 2010 Doobs said:

“Oooh.. Such a question!!

Rods are a very personal preference mate! Personally not a fan of the newer catanas with the thin blank. Go to the local shops and have a feel of the rods.. (Sounds dodgy that!)

laugh and slap

Im planning on updating mine soon... Theres plenty of shows on through the summer.. .May well be worth a trip.
thumbs up


new member
member since
25 February 2010

location: Surrey

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On 02 May 2010 pond770 said:

“i think you have two take the type of waters/bait you fish,if you fish at range with pva bags ,i think thicker blank is better with a higher testcurve,short range catanas will dotongue


Bazil Brush
member since
01 January 2010

location: Surrey

total posts: 92
On 03 May 2010 Bazil Brush said:

“thanks for your comments smiley , I deffo want rods that have the newer style thinner blanks, as i think the control is greatly enhanced as well as the rods general feel and balance, although I am open to suggestions if anyone knows a rod with these features?

The test curve is less important to me, in as much as i think 2.5lb test curve covers all the fishing I do, I rarely need to cast more than 30 or 40 metres, and ive landed big enough fish on 2.5lb tc rods without feeling the rod was struggling.

Its a shame you cant try the rods before you buy them. confused


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