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Posted by Bazil Brush  on 31 December 2009
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Cast by: Bazil Brush
Category: Tackle
Subject: Is The Knotless Knot Any Good
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“Does anyone know how to tie a knotless knot, and if they are any good. I figure that if its knotless it cannot be very strong”

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22 February 2010

location: Surrey

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On 22 February 2010 Doobs said:

“Yeah I use them quite a lot when using hair-rigs...One of the easy ones to learn and tie... I will get a How to section created and have various things in there... One of which will be tying knots.”


stimo-(the popup sweetcorn kid)
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27 February 2010

location: Oxfordshire

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On 04 March 2010 stimo-(the popup sweetcorn kid) said:

“i use it on all my carp rigs and not one has let me down yet so id say its a good knot.....because there is not form of knot in the knotless knot the way its tyed it will never come undone because when it pulled it all gos tight stoping it from coming undone no matter how hard you pull.....give it a go i bet the hooklink snaps befor theknot comes undone lol..”


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