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“The UKs biggest ever rod caught Bream has finally been officially accepted as a new British record.

The massive 22lb 11oz dustbin lid was caught by Scot Crook from Ferry Lagoon in Cambridgeshire in April 2012 but has only just (this week) been officially accepted by the British Record Fish Committee. Scotts Bream can now take its place in anglings history books ahead of the previous official best of 20lb 1oz also caught from Ferry Lagoon.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Scott was carp fishing at range when the beastie bream snaffled his hookbait, and if you imagine how large the Bream now is, it easy to believe that its probably been muching on the boilies for some time. good time


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22 February 2010
On 24 June 2013 Doobs said:

“I read about this the other day Baz, BIG Bream!!


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