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Hello Everyone!!

Posted by Whitey01  on 14 April 2010
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Cast by: Whitey01
Category: Introduce Yourself
Subject: Hello Everyone!!
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“Hello Everyone!!

Nice to finally join a fishing forum website! tried joining the essex-fishing one and ive been waiting 4 weeks to join lol.
anyone here from essex?
ive started fishing about 4-5 years ago but then stopped for about 2years roughly as my mate who i used to fish with moved to wales, but i started it up again about a year ago, missed it to much :D
mainly use to fish blind lane in hanningfield and my pb so far is 18lb
im tryin to target sum bigger fish now like 20lb and if im lucky maybe a 30lb :D
i thought it would be good joing a site like this as sharing infomation with other anglers is alwas good! never know what hints and tips you could pick up!

hope every1 is enjoying the start to a new year of fishing!

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Bazil Brush
member since
01 January 2010

location: Surrey

total posts: 92
On 14 April 2010 Bazil Brush said:

“Hey Whitey, good to see ya and welcome to fishing4carp.

The carp forum is a farly new addition to the fishing4carp website and we have BIG plans for it, so watch out for loads of new features being added over the next few weeks. smiley

Our aim is to make sharing your pictures, knowledge, tips and tricks much easier as well as helping you to find the best fisheries and improve your catch rate.

Have you got any pics of your pb posted yet ?”


member since
22 February 2010

location: Surrey

total posts: 63
On 14 April 2010 Doobs said:

“Hi Whitey and welcome.. Nice to see another like minded angeler!! thumbs up 2


new member
member since
14 April 2010

location: Essex

total posts: 4
On 15 April 2010 whitey01 said:

“have no photos atm that pb was last year on a old phone, but il be getting more photos this year of sum nice carp to put on the site, and hopefully a new pb :D
might get that chance when im at churchwood for a 36hour session on may 9th/10th
never fished it before but have heard sum good things about it.”


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